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How To Save Money In Australia.

Once you’ve arrived in Australia, you’ll quickly realise it’s a pretty expensive place! Don’t worry though, with our help you’ll learn how to save money in Australia and getting ready for your next big adventure! This is the boring bit of travelling but it has to be done. If you want to dive on the…

Need help saving money? Look no further than our guide on how to save money in Australia!


Ultimate Guide: Campervan Tips!

You’ve done it. You’ve booked your campervan and are ready for the roadtrip of a lifetime! What next?! Our guide to campervan tips, that’s what! Well, as seasoned professionals of the road, we thought we give you some of the best tips we could think of when it comes to campervanning in Australia. Some are…

We've been there and done it so read our campervan tips!


The Ultimate Guide: Campervan or Bus?

When you arrive in Australia, you will soon realise that there are many ways to experience your time Down Under.

Hostel folk will always tell you that their way was best – “You have to travel first…” “No, get a job and save some money first…” “Farm work first, then fun stuff later….”


Shark vs Crocodile! Only in Australia!

Australia is famous for its glorious beaches, amazing people and incredibly deadly animals. Whether it is a snake, spider shark or croc, pretty much every animal in Australia wants you dead. Except for Quokka’s – they’re cool. On a recent trip to Darwin, one lucky tourist was able to take some incredibly rare photos of…


The Ultimate Guide to Aussie Slang!

G’Day Mates! If you are on your way to Australia, you probably know the basics of Aussie slang – basically, what g’day means! The Australian’s talk in a language all of there own, there is some slang that is recognisable to the UK but others just seem to come out of nowhere. It isn’t all…


Surf Camp is Back!

After a winter break, the good people at SurfCamp are opening their doors once again this week to give you the quintessential Australian experience!! The water may still be a little brisk but it’s got nothing on the water in this clip as these insane surfers travel to the Arctic for a wave! Yes, the…


How To Spend Your Tax Refund?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…no, not Christmas – tax refund time! If you are a backpacker and have been in Australia for more than six months and have paid tax, obviously, it is time to organise your tax refund! Tax refund you say, what exactly is that? Well, it is quite simple…

What will you spend your tax refund on?


A Weekend in the Snow at Thredbo!

It’s pretty much the total opposite of everything you expect when you think of Australia but the snow has arrived and it’s time to get the skis on! There are ski resorts in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory with several easily accessible from Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. We at Ultimate…

Taking a much needed rest on the slopes of Thredbo.