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Life’s meant to be lived! Explore things, find things, make things, do things, say yes to things (no to some things!), experience new things, eat weird things. See the world, make awesome memories & friendships that last a lifetime. It’s not easy to leave home & get out of your comfort zone – it’s nerve-racking, thrilling and scary but more than anything, it’s EXCITING!

Let us take you on an epic journey – to places you’d  probably never find otherwise. Wake up on floating bamboo rafthouses in the  jungle of Khao Sok, stay on our private island, hidden in the maze of Halong Bay, walk down a pounding waterfall in Da Lat, cuddle our kangaroo Josie or find Nemo in the Great Barrier Reef.

There is a whole world out there. Go see it!

Sophie, Ultimate East Coast
Sophie, Ultimate East CoastChilling on Fraser Island, AKA paradise!

Dan, Ultimate Vietnam
Dan, Ultimate VietnamAbseiling down waterfalls in the ’Nam!

Karin, Ultimate Thailand
Karin, Ultimate ThailandTrying out the street food in Bangkok!

Mackenzie, Ultimate Vietnam
Mackenzie, Ultimate VietnamFinding our private island in Halong Bay!

Jen, UltimateOz
Jen, UltimateOzHarbour Cruise in Sydney

Why Ultimate?

Our Tours

Our trips are all about adventure on a budget! Our fully-guided, group tours are packed with activities! Whether you’re joining us on our ULTIMATE tours or an adventure tour run by one of our awesome partners; we guarantee you’ll have the time of your life!

Travel Buddies

Experiences are better shared & travelling with others makes things so much easier. We bring you in touch with people from all over the world and make friendships for life. Find others with similar travel plans and talk to them before you leave home.


About Us

We’ve been around for a while, over 24 years to be exact. We’ve had over 35000 happy travellers on our tours and growing. Lots of our travellers celebrate Ultimate reunions even years after their first trip and we’re proud to have brought them together.

Our Crew

We’re travellers like you and passionate about what we do. Our tour guides might be nuts, but are dedicated to ensuring your have the ultimate trip of a lifetime! It’s our crew that help make us one of the best adventure travel companies around!

Travel Responsibly

The world is a beautiful place, but it takes effort to keep it that way. It’s important to look after the local environment, economy and people in the areas we visit. We’re big nature-lovers and only work with companies who share our core values.