A little bit about us…

Our History

Established in Sydney, Australia way back last century (1991 to be precise), we’ve been helping 18-30’s plan their gap year & adventure holidays for over 20-years. Over 50,000 happy customers and counting!

Ultimate Travel HQ

Ultimate Travel Today

Ultimate Travel HQ is located in Sydney, Australia and our Thailand travel centres are in Bangkok & Krabi. We offer adventure tours across Australia and South-East Asia and look forward to seeing you there soon!

Ultimate Travel Crew

Our Crew

Our team of tour leaders, local guides and support crew are dedicated to ensuring your have the trip of a lifetime! Register Your Interest now and we’ll help you plan your ‘ultimate’ adventure.

Travel responsibly with Ultimate Travel

Responsible Travel

We are dedicated to supporting the local environment, economy and people in the areas we visit. We’re big nature-lovers and only work with companies who share our core values. We don’t ride elephants, and don’t visit tiger temples.

Our Charities

We’re proud to support two amazing charities, and proceeds from your tickets are donated to these worthy causes! Check out the great work of Life Project Cambodia and the Kiva Foundation.

Meet Others on Ultimate Travel

Our Trips

Our trips are all about adventure on a budget! Our fully-guided, group tours are packed with activities, while still leaving some time to r-e-l-a-x. We don’t charge ‘hidden extras’ or exclude ‘optional extras’ – all the fun stuff is included!

Our Transport

Our trips include a range of local travel options so your journey is part of the fun! Tuk tuks, trains, longtail boats, ferries, minibuses and the occasional piggyback!

Our Accommodation

Our local accommodation has been selected to offer the best experience in each area we visit, from top-rated 5-star hostels to floating bamboo raft houses in the jungle.

Local Guides

We support the communities by working with local guides, suppliers and operators in each area that we visit.

Family Businesses

Wherever possible, we prefer to work in partnership with smaller, family-run businesses, rather than large foreign-owned companies.

Safe Deposit Policy

Our Safe Deposit policy protects you from unexpected events that may cause your trip to be cancelled or delayed. If you need to cancel for any reason, your deposit remains secure until you’re ready to use it.

Personal Support

Whether before, during or after your Ultimate Travel adventure, our tour guides & support crew will be there for you all the way.