Australia is famous for its glorious beaches, amazing people and incredibly deadly animals.

Whether it is a snake, spider shark or croc, pretty much every animal in Australia wants you dead. Except for Quokka’s – they’re cool.

On a recent trip to Darwin, one lucky tourist was able to take some incredibly rare photos of a 5.5m crocodile munching on a bull shark.

Just let that sink in. 5.5 metres of dinosaur WITH A SHARK IN ITS MOUTH!

Have a look at some of the pictures for yourself – they are truly stunning!

The crocodile, known locally as Brutus, is an absolute beast! According to those on the boat, they had seen him earlier on in the cruise lounging around and as the boat trip returned through the Adelaide River they saw him with something in his mouth.

The captain slowly took the boat closer and it soon became apparent that the crocodile was grappling with a bull shark!

The more details the better the story – Brutus only has three legs after losing one of his front pair in a fight…apparently with a shark! Brutus may have lost that round but he got his own back last week!

Darwin is an amazing place to visit during your time in Australia. You can take river cruises similar to the one with Brutus or you can jump in the water with a giant crocodile at Crocosauras Cove!

One of our travel gurus Holly was able to visit Darwin recently and absolutely loved her time there and was brave enough to take to the water in the ‘Cage of Death’ and absolutely loved it!!

If you’d rather see the losing half of the battle you have to head to South Australia for the chance to cage dive with great white sharks!

Both experiences are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to see the biggest, scariest animals in Australia.

If you get the chance to head to Darwin, it is highly unlikely that you’ll spot a crocodile and a shark having a fight but it is possible. As long as neither of them decide to start eating you…it’s a bonus!

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