Destination: Vietnam

Vietnam will AMAZE you!

Travelling in Vietnam is the ‘Ultimate’ experience!

This beautiful country is a hidden gem filled with amazing sights, some of the friendliest people and unique travel experiences that you would struggle to find anywhere else!

Vietnam is definitely underrated as a holiday destination in SE Asia: natural wonders, beach paradise, stunning scenery, moving history, buzzing cities, delicious food and one of the most beautiful cultures – you hardly find more diversity anywhere else!

Whether you’re after action and adventure, cultural exploration, beach-side relaxation or live to party, Vietnam is the place.

Why Vietnam?

Natural Wonders

Halong Bay is probably the most famous attraction of Vietnam. It’s one of the 7 natural wonders and listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Though the endless ricefields of Sapa, idyllic beach and waterfalls of Dalat aren’t any less mesmerising.

Intriguing Culture

Vietnamese are extremely friendly and welcoming! Nothing ever seems to be impossible, but be aware tourist scams and highly fluctuating prices. Chinese, French and American influences have shaped today’s life and the divide between north and south is still visible.

Moving History

Learning about the country’s history is anything but boring. The Vietnam War is a still a big topic in everyday conversations. Ho Chi Minh is a national hero and you can even meet him in person in his mausoleum in Hanoi.

Delicious Food

You think you had good Vietnamese food? Well, it gets even better when you taste it with local ingredients. #pho4life What’s even better than the food: the coffee and the way it’s slowly dripping through the special cup. YUM!

Discover Vietnam

Ultimate Vietnam

You’ll be surprised about all the things Vietnam has to offer!

Ultimate Vietnam group jumps of boat in Halong Bay

Travelling in Vietnam

Everywhere you turn in Vietnam, you see vibrant colours, stunning scenery and craziness on the streets! Hanoi feels alive, Sapa feels out of this world and Halong Bay looks like a piece of art! The people are some of the friendliest and most accommodating you could ever hope to come across on your travels … they will welcome you in to their home and you’ll leave with them in your heart.

Whether you’re about to start a gap year, you’re on holiday from your studies or you just have a couple of weeks to spare, there’s always a reason to come to Vietnam! If you’re short on time, our Ultimate Vietnam tour will show you some of our favourite highlights across Vietnam … if you have a little longer to explore, then Ultimate Vietnam is the perfect way to start your trip, see some awesome places, get involved in the Vietnamese way of life and meet some awesome travel buddies on the way!

Halong Bay

Halong Bay is easily described with just one word – breathtaking!

The translation of Halong is ‘where the dragon descends into the sea’. Legends in the area claim that the islands of the Bay (over 2000!) were created by a great dragon from the mountains. According to the legend, the valleys and crevasses there were carved out by the dragon’s thrashing tail. When the dragon plunged in to the sea, the area was filled up with water and only the pinnacles we see today were left visible.

Halong Bay has been a World Heritage site since 1994 and boat cruises are popular, with a lot of people taking the opportunity to sleep on a boat in the bay. You can also explore the numerous limestone caves that are dotted around, including the Cave of Wonders (Dau Go Caves), which are great for exploring because of their intriguing rock formations and eerie atmosphere. If climbing through caves isn’t your thing, that’s fine … grab yourself a kayak and explore them from the water!

Tours to and around Halong Bay are highly regulated by the government. Yet, there are hundreds of operators that range from fantastic to pretty disappointing. It’s not easy to find a good tour, but if you have the time, definitely go for 2 nights with one night on the Junk boat and another night on a private island.

Best time to travel Vietnam

There is no better or worse time to travel Vietnam – it’s awesome all year round!

There are three different weather systems, so what you get weather wise, will depend on which part of Vietnam you’re in at the time.

At the top of Vietnam, in the Mountainous Far North region (where Sapa is), the dry season is from October through to late March and you’ll need warm clothing during December and January, as it can get a bit chilly at night. It’s possible to trek and cycle through Sapa all year round!

Moving down to North Vietnam, where you find the beautiful Hanoi and Halong Bay, Winter (November to April) is dry and a respectable 17-22°C (that’s warmer than a UK Summer at times!) Summer in Vietnam is hot and humid, with July to September being a bit wetter than the rest of the season.

In the middle of Vietnam, home of Hoi An and Nha Trang, it gets hot hot hot! From about the middle of January right through to the end of August, you could see up to the mid-30’s temperature wise!

Down in the South is Ho Chi Minh City, the Mekong Delta and Dalat, temperatures are pretty much constant throughout the year (between 25-35°C), but they still have a wet (May to November) and a dry November to May) season.

History & Culture

Vietnam’s history is probably one of the most fascinating stories out there. Hundreds of years of suppression by Chinese dynasties, followed by domination of the French in the late 1800s before being split into the Communist north and US-supported south. The Vietnam War seemed to be an endless battle resulting in almost 2 million deaths.

Finally, in 1975 the south surrendered to the north and Vietnam was reunited.