Say Hello to the newest member of our Ultimate family…Ultimate legend, Alex (Swit-Swooo!!)


Alex is currently sunning himself in Cairns after doing what looks like an EPIC trip from Sydney all the way up the East Coast of Australia over 4 weeks! He’ll be joining us as of next week as an UltimateOz tour leader after doing the UltimateOz package himself 6 weeks ago.

We caught up with him to find out a little more about him and to hear what he thought of his East Coast trip…

Alex, the pics you’ve taken during your travels look amazing! I see you’ve just done your Mission beach Skydive. How was it?

WOW, is all I have to say about that skydive.. That feeling of sitting on the edge of the plane and then JUMPING! ….next level amazing! Haha, I’m still glowing from how sick that was! Won’t be the last time I jump, that’s 4 sure!!

Australia  Australia

What made you decide to come travelling in the first place?

I love to travel! Exploring beautiful places, seeing new things, meeting new people, discovering new energy – I’m inspired by that! Lately it feels my skin is the only thing keeping me from going everywhere at once! I love learning, and I believe travel is one of the best forms of education you can give yourself!

Tell us about your experience in Australia. What have been the highlights for you so far?

My Australian experience has been AMAZING! I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the east coast for months on the LOKA bus, which has so many sick stops! Hmm, highlights… Skydiving, Fraser Island, sailing Whitsundays, Surfing Byron Bay, SCUBA diving the Great Barrier Reef – I’d have to say the biggest highlight are the friends I’ve made IN all of those highlights!

Australia  Australia

What made you want to be part of the ULTIMATE team?

After I did the intro week at UltimateOZ, I found myself so impressed on how everything was handled within the week, and also behind the desk as I booked my east coast adventure. I’ve always loved being active outdoors, and helping people – being a group leader is a lot of that! The staff are energetic and positive – you could say it’s the ULTIMATE job!

Australia  Australia

Tell us something about yourself. What are your main interests? Tell us a secret!

I love dancing, my family, old school music, architecture, wakeboarding, any kind of sports in water! I dislike grape fruit, mineral water, and people who litter! I thought about being a politician once but there are WAY too many incriminating photos of me out there! I was in 4 Jello commercials with Bill Cosby when I was 6, haha just kidding! No party tricks really – I play guitar… Oh, and can crush anyone in a beer chugging comp.

Australia  Australia

Where is/are your favourite place/places on the East Coast so far? Is there anything you’d definitely recommend to people looking to do the east coast?

That’s a tough question, all the locations along the East Coast are so unique in their own way! The chilled out barefoot surf vibe of Byron Bay, or the hustle and bustle of Brisbane, they all offer something worth experiencing – I’m not sure if I have a favorite! But there are a few must do’s while on your east coast adventure. I HIGHLY recommend experiencing Fraser Island, and sailing the WhitSunday Islands! Skydive over the Great Barrier Reef too if you can, UNREAL!

Australia  Australia  LOVE McKenzie


Any funny stories you can tell us about your East Coast travels?

Hahahaha, yes! So, chillin in Airlie Beach crushing a 6 inch sub, while being distracted by some girls in bikinis by the lagoon and a kookaburra bird decides to swoop down and thieve my sub right out of my hand, and it’s wing gave me a snack in the face as it took off, must have been his way of saying thanks bro, I’m takin dis!! I’m talking I had one bite, this sub was half the size of the bird! I was so shocked I started laughing so hard. I wasn’t even mad, it was amazing. Everyone saw it, including the girls – It sparked a comical convo with them, and I swam with those bikinis all day… Worth it!

Australia  Australia

Is Australia how you imagined it would be? Has is it met your expectations so far? How is it different from other countries you have visited/your home country?

Oz is everything I thought it was going to be and MORE – It has far surpassed my expectations, legit! It reminds me of home in Canada a lot, it’s big, clean, full of cool stuff, amazing places, and nice people! Australia is like a sunny Canada, and Canada is like a snowy Australia!


What are your plans after you have worked for ULTIMATE?

After working with ULTIMATE, I have to complete my farm/regional work so I can come back to beautiful Australia on a 2nd year working visa and hopefully continue working in the tourism industry – or hop back into Architecture.


Do you have a travel bucket list? Where would you like to go in 2015?

Definitely have some places I still need to check off the bucket list! 2015 is all Oz baby. 2016 will start in Oz and finish in New Zealand! 2017 will be a roller coaster through Europe and also finish the countries I didn’t see in SE Asia! Sky’s the limit, push those dreams!!


What advice would you give for people looking to travel to Australia!

Pack as light as possible, unlock your cell phone before coming, have a healthy amount of cash saved, bring a positive attitude, and honestly let UltimateOz take care of your first week here, it makes for such a great start! Fasten your seat belt and get ready for a life changing trip! If you’re looking for that one person who is going to change your life – take a look in the mirror!!!

Thanks Alex – We can’t wait to have you on the team!


If you’re planning a trip along the East Coast of Australia, check out our 30 day East Coast package or contact our travel agents for help & advice. Haven’t arrived yet and interested in UltimateOz Sydney? Check out the itinerary here.

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