Vaccinations for Thailand

Your Ultimate Thailand Tour Guides will do their best to keep you safe and healthy in Thailand. However, one dodgy mosquito bite or a bad case of the runs could ruin your holiday (and your pulling-potential!), so it pays to take a few sensible precautions. The following is a rough guide for vaccinations in Thailand, so we suggest seeing a GP with expertise in travel medicine who can review your individual health issues.

Don’t forget to ask for numbing cream if you’re worried about pain from the injection.

  • You are strongly recommended to have Hepatitis A vaccine (Hep-A sucks big-time!)
  • You may also need Typhoid vaccination (Good for nasty stomach bugs)
  • Rabies pre-exposure vaccination may be an option, but not essential
  • Malaria isn’t common the areas we visit, but stock-up on bug-spray in Bangkok as there are other diseases such as Dengue that are more common.

Ideally you should organise all this about 4-6 weeks before departure, but it is never too late.

Vaccinations for Australia

Despite it’s reputation for dangerous animals, you don’t require vaccinations to travel to Australia, unless you have come from, or have visited a yellow fever infected country within six days of your arrival.

Australia’s public healthcare system ‘Medicare’ is free for citizens of the UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Republic of Ireland and NZ. Medicare covers treatment that is deemed ‘medically necessary’. This means any ill-health or injury which occurs while you are in Australia and requires treatment before you return home. This includes:

  • Free treatment as a public in-patient or outpatient in a public hospital
  • Subsidised medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
  • Medicare benefits for out-of-hospital medical treatment provided by doctors through private surgeries and ‘bulk bill’ community health centres.

Your UltimateOz tour leader will explain how to apply for Medicare during your first week in Australia.

Vaccinations for Vietnam

We at Ultimate Travel want you to have the best possible experience when you come on our awesome Ultimate Vietnam adventure and this starts with a trip to the doctor before you leave!

Nobody wants a bowl of Pho, a bite of Bánh Mì or a bite from a mosquito to ruin the trip of a lifetime … so plan ahead and get your vaccinations sorted before you make the trip.

This is a rough guide to want you have to plan against with Vietnam in mind and some of the vaccinations listed are taken care of during childhood so check with your GP before you go and book anything, just to make sure you need the jabs!

  • Hepatitis A and B – two separate diseases with a vaccination that can be taken together or separately. Both diseases are pretty awful so tick this one off! Your Hepatitis B is particularly important if you’re planning on getting yourself a nice little travel tattoo!
  • Typhoid – highly recommended and transmitted by dodgy food or water. Get it and forget about it!
  • Tetanus, Pertussis & Diphtheria – It’s best to have an updated tetanus jab and the others come along with the package.
  • Measles Mumps and Rubella – one of the childhood immunisations that you might not need so check your immunisation record with your GP.
  • Flu – get a flu shot if you think it’s necessary or ask your doctor for more information.
  • Malaria – inland Vietnam has malaria whilst the coast doesn’t (check this map out for more). The areas we visit on our Ultimate Vietnam trip do tend to be low risk but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

There are a couple more that can be recommended but aren’t essential so we’ll say it again – check with your GP!

Even if you get your vaccinations, there are still a couple of preventative methods you should try and take to minimise your risk. Hepatitis A and Typhoid both come from contaminated food/water … try and avoid those dodgy rolls!

For the likes of Malaria and Dengue Fever, these come from those pesky insects! Carry a repellent at all times, especially if you know, like me, those pesky mosquitoes just love feasting on you!

Ideally, you should organise all your jabs with a trip to your GP at least 6 to 8 weeks before your departure. If you forget, don’t panic – just get it done before you leave!

We’ll see you here!