Return from Koh Phangan to Bangkok

Return to Bangkok or extend your Thailand adventure!

Got a flight to catch after the tour? Your Ultimate Thailand Group Leader can help you arrange your Ferry Combo Tickets from Koh Phangan (where the tour ends) to Bangkok airport. Keep in mind that during peak travel periods, like just after the Full Moon Party, tickets do sell out so if you’d prefer to make arrangements in advance contact us and we’ll help you arrange your transfer. (Please note – you’ll still need to book flight tickets yourself!)

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Ferry & Fly

Flying is often the quickest and most comfortable way back to Bangkok from Koh Phangan. Three airports are available and Combo Ferry & Bus passes can be purchased to get you from Koh Phangan direct to the airport of your choice.

Koh Samui is the airport closest to Koh Phangan but flights are more expensive than flights from the mainland. Due to it’s proximity, Chumphon Airport on the mainland is ideal if you travel to the mainland via Koh Tao. Surat Thani Airport on the mainland is the largest of the three airports with more flights available and generally cheaper tickets.

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Ferry & Train

Travelling back to Bangkok by train is a good option for those who aren’t keen on a bus and don’t want to pay for a flight. Trains are generally more comfortable than busses and you have the benefit of meals and drinks being served onboard. Overnight trains also offer beds so you can get some some sleep on the way.

Train Stations are at Surat Thani and Chumphon. Chumphon is further North so the journey time is less than from Surat Thani.

Ferry & Bus

A ferry & bus option is generally the cheapest way back to Bangkok. We can pre-arrange a ferry & bus combo which will get you back to Bangkok via Surat Thani or Chumphon. Simply select the option below and tickets can be collected at the end of your tour.

Please be aware that this is quite a journey of around 15 hours.

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