Hi, this is Nikki, one of the Guides at Ultimate Thailand. I wanted to share some information about my experiences as a volunteer in Thailand. A great way to volunteer as an English teacher in Thailand is not through a school but by providing your time to a charity. There are many refugees and orphans living in shelters in and around Bangkok and in Thailand as a whole.

In Search of Sanuk (In Search of Fun) are a Bangkok based charity that help refugees from Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos with the supply of food, water, housing and education. I have helped them in the past and Dwight the founder is always on the lookout for anybody that has a few hours spare to help with the teaching of English. Improving these people’s English skills can really open up so many new doors and opportunities for them and as dramatic as it sounds can actually make a massive difference to their lives. Dwight Turner is the founder.


I volunteered at the prison in Phuket who are also always looking for volunteers to help with the teaching of English and care for the fifty+ 2-7 year old children that live at the prison. Most kids are orphaned or their parents are serving prison sentences within Phuket prison. Others are from extremely impoverished families and rely on visiting the centre in order to receive a meal or food parcel to take home with them. I worked there for four months and have also done a 2 week stint of volunteering when I returned to Thailand at the beginning of the year. Many of the kids have also been rescued from sex trafficking and child labour.


Both charities mean an awful lot to me as they are doing such amazing work with children and adults. And both really welcome anyone that wants to volunteer their time. This work can be very emotionally tough but it’s extremely rewarding work and so in my opinion it’s so important that such deprived children and adults can receive our help and time.

Good luck, and have fun!

Nikki xxx