If you’re thinking about travelling to Australia, and looking for a sign to tell you whether you should book an ULTIMATE Adventure from Sydney to Cairns, THIS IS IT!! Ultimate Travel is an experienced Adventure Tour Company that provides Guided Group Tours in Australia. I am going to show and tell you exactly why the 5 and 6 week Explorer tours are the best way for you to explore the land Down Under!

Australia has so much to offer, and one of the best ways to spend your time here is to explore one of the most popular backpacker routes in the world – Australia’s East Coast! From gorgeous coastlines of undisturbed white sandy beaches, lush Rainforests, unique (and at times deadly) wildlife, spectacular natural rock formations and not to mention, a crazy nightlife in the main cities, there are countless ULTIMATE MOMENTS to have!

Ultimate Travel’s East Coast tours journey from Sydney to Cairns, and depending on the amount of time that you have to explore, there are 2 In-Depth Explorer tours to choose from; the 5 Week Ultimate East Coast Explorer and the 6 Week Ultimate East Coast Explorer + Sydney.


The 5 week Explorer tour is a 35 night adventure from Sydney to Cairns, with 11 epic stops. It includes 33 nights accommodation, an additional 2 nights on overnight buses, and 21 meals (9x Breakfast, 6x Lunch, 6x Dinner). The East Coast tour kicks off with a tour of Sydney’s city, and then you’re off to Byron Bay to learn how to surf! You’ll then hit up Surfers Paradise and Brisbane, where you’ll experience Aussie nightlife. Next up, Noosa, Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island – the biggest sand island in the world! Then, you’ll spend 2 glorious days cruising the Whitsunday islands on a private sailing yacht, before heading to Airlie Beach, to soak up the paradise vibes. You’ll immerse yourself in Magnetic Island – home to koalas, wallabies and gorgeous golden beaches, and after 3 days you’re off to Mission beach, which is renowned for its breathtaking sunrises. Once in Cairns, you’ll explore the Tablelands region, chill under waterfalls and slide down natural rock slides, before getting to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef and create unforgettable memories with your new mates.


In essence, the 6 week ‘Plus Sydney’ tour is the exact same as the 5 week tour, travelling from Sydney to Cairns, with the addition of an extra week in Sydney at the start of the trip. This option is designed for travellers who have more time to spend in Aus, and want to experience the magic Sydney has to offer. 

The week starts with a cruise on a private catamaran, sailing under the Harbour Bridge and past the Opera House. You’ll then visit Bondi Beach and soak in all the beachy vibes of the iconic Aussie landmark, before exploring, hiking and chasing waterfalls at the world renowned Blue Mountains National Park! The entire week is also spent at Sydney’s BEST Hostel, WakeUp Hostel! This hostel has won countless awards and is also next door to one of the best nightlife venues in Sydney – SideBar!

When it comes to the Explorer East Coast Tours, just over 60% of Ultimate customers go with the 5 week option and about 40% opt for the 6 Week Explorer + Sydney tour. Your decision on which option to book should come down to and depend on how long you have to travel and if you want to explore more of Sydney and city life, before leaving for the East Coast.


There are plenty of ways that you could travel from Sydney to Cairns, whilst exploring the East Coast of Australia. Some travellers choose to go solo or with a buddy and have a basic idea of what to see and do. Most of us may have considered this travel style, and those of us who have decided to may have found out that planning itineraries and travel days is not the way they prefer to spend their time exploring. This is what makes the ULTIMATE Explorer tours SO popular!

We are East Coast Experts and want to deliver you MATES, MOMENTS and MEMORIES while you travel Australia! Check out the benefits of the Ultimate Explorer Tours below:


Our Group Travel takes away the worries of travelling alone and any stresses of having to plan an itinerary, which means more time to relax and enjoy your time away, without worrying about your next move. Not to mention you will have access to our Tour Guides, who will assist you from start to finish, showing you the Highlights and Hidden Spots from Sydney to Cairns, as well as everything in between! 


The most convenient part about travelling ULTIMATE, is that just about everything on the trip is handled for you – from accommodation, transportation and some meals. We also include some absolute Must See Activities, including a full Fraser Island Camping Experience and 2 night Whitsundays Sailing Adventure. 


The next best thing about travelling with Ultimate, is that we only settle for the best – especially when it comes to our hostels. Our Flashpacker accommodation partners are amongst the highest rated in Australia, including Wakeup Byron Bay, Bunk Surfers Paradise and Gilligan’s Resort Hostel in Cairns.


Ultimate prides itself on value, and you can bet that every activity you participate in over the 5/6 weeks will be memorable! From sailing through Sydney Harbour, to the Whitsundays, Fraser Island camping or exploring beautiful secluded beaches – the tour is jam packed and full of adventure! Our tours are designed with your experience in mind! The Explorer tours are set itineraries of 36 or 43 Days, which is the optimum time you need to properly explore the East Coast. If you are shorter on time, you should consider our 3-Week East Coast Highlights tour. 


Ultimate is a proud supporter of Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef, a collaborative movement designed to help the conservation of the reef. A percentage of proceeds from each Ultimate East Coast booking is donated to help protect our planet’s largest coral reef ecosystem. You can find out more about our values and charities here





The Explorer and Explorer Plus tours from Sydney to Cairns depart most Mondays throughout the year! If you’re now sold on the epicness that is our East Coast adventure, the best time to book would probably be now! You should always confirm your spot on your preferred travel date with a deposit, paying your final balance 40 days prior to the tour departing! Our 2019 and 2020 Summer Season is nearly sold out, so make sure you are securing your spot soon! 

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Ready to Book, Secure your Spot for the 5-Week Explorer Tour here and the 6-Week Explorer Plus here.  

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