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UltimateOz is the perfect way to kick off your Working Holiday in Australia. Moving to a new country can be exhilarating, but it can also leave you with a lot of questions. ‘Where will I find a job?’, ‘How will I meet people?’, ‘Where am I going to live?’ UltimateOz is the answer to all of these questions. This 8 day tour will allow you to explore the amazing city of Sydney while the Ultimate team sets up everything you need in order to live and work abroad.

Here are a few ways that UltimateOz can get you ready for your Working Holiday in Australia:

Setting up your Bank Account:

If you want to get paid while on your Working Holiday in Australia, the first thing you’ll need to do is set up a bank account. Thankfully this process is quick and painless. During your first week in Sydney we will schedule a bank appointment for you at CommonWealth Bank, one of the four main bank institutions in Australia. All you will need are your passport details and proof of address. Your bank card will arrive within 5 business days and come with a PayPass chip. This chip allows you to pay for purchases simply by tapping your card on the reader. Another convenient way to utilize your bank account is to link your card to your phone, which allows you to pay by tapping your phone onto the card reader instead.

Applying for a Tax File Number (TFN):

When you are on a Working Holiday in Australia, you will require a TFN. A TFN (Tax File Number), is a unique that is linked to your identity for Australia Tax and superannuation purposes. If you do not apply for a TFN you will be taxed more by your employer and you will not be able to file your tax returns online. Applying for your TFN is done online and typically takes 20 minutes. Fortunately, UltimateOz takes care of the application process for you so you don’t have to worry about any of the paperwork! Your TFN will arrive within a week and we will provide you with both a digital and hard copy to keep for your records.

Setting up your Australian Phone Number:

Employers will not call foreign numbers so if you want to find work while down under you must have an Australian phone number. To avoid getting stuck in a contract we recommend going with a prepaid plan. This will allow you to pay as you go and load as much or as little data onto your phone whenever you need it.

UltimateOz provides customers with a free Vodofone sim card. We will activate the sim card for you, but make sure your phone is unlocked! You are able to choose from a $10, $20, $30, or $40 prepaid plan. These plans offer a range of data from 5 gb per month to 20 gb per month, with extra data being available if you choose to opt in for automatic monthly payments.

Creating a CV/Resume:

Having a solid resume and CV is crucial to getting set up down under and landing a job interview. The UltimateOz team is more than happy to help you create one that highlights all of your qualifications for your desired job. If you already have a resume or CV that you are satisfied with you are welcome to use the printer at our office headquarters to print off as many copies as you may need!

Finding a Job:

UltimateOz works directly with Travelers at Work (TAW). This network is a great outlet for backpackers and working holiday makers to use when searching for employment. As an UltimateOz customer, you get access to the Job Portal and support for the duration of your First Year Working Holiday visa (12 month’s). Travellers at Work will connect you to a database of active job listings that suit Working Holiday Makers and Backpackers down under.  The system is incredibly easy to use and you can apply directly through the website by upload your resume. The most common industries found on TAW are hospitality, construction, farm work, au pair, and customer service/retail.

Finding a Place to Stay:

While you can secure long term accommodation before arriving, it’s also a good idea to get a lay of land first and figure out what area of Australia best suits you. Some might be more keen to the city life while others may prefer to live in a more secluded area. 

UltimateOz gives you a week of adventure and a taste of the hostel life, while also allowing you to gain insight from travel agents and tour guides on the best places to live in Australia and what websites to check out.

Over 85% of UltimateOz customers arrive into Australia without any concrete plans for their Gap Year following the UltimateOz week. Our advice, enjoy your first week in Sydney! Focus on making some new friends and getting to know your way around Sydney while getting as much Work and Travel inspiration from the UltimateOz team!

We also recommend to wait until you secure a job that suits you before deciding on a more permanent living situation.

Meeting People:

UltimateOz is the perfect way to meet people from all walks of life as soon as you arrive in Sydney! You will be surprised at how many other people travel solo to Australia and who are in a similar position to you.  The friends you make from your UltimateOz experience could potentially end up being your flatmates, your co-workers, or both! From harbour cruises and sandboarding, to pub crawls and group dinners, the Ultimate OZ activities are designed to help you form lifelong friendships that you will cherish forever.

Prior to arriving into Australia, you will also be invited to join the UltimateOz Facebook Community group and start chatting to others who are also travelling to Australia. At the end of UltimateOz, you will also get monthly invitations to our Sydney Social events where you can catchup with old tour mates and continue to meet new people!

Embarking on a Working Holiday in Australia is a decision that will leave you with incredible memories that will last lifetime. Getting set up down under with UltimateOz will give you more time to experience all the wonders of Australia without the stress that comes with settling into a new country. We are here to help you in anyway that we can throughout your entire Aussie adventure!

Working Holiday in Australia Sydney Beach

‘I chose UltimateOz for a head start chance in making friends and finding the best places to experience. Of course the on going support for work and setting up the essentials for living here were also key. This package really prepared me for now and what will come. – Tom Henry

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