Did you know that the city of Bangkok has over 400 temples?! Might be a bit of a hard task to see them all! Most backpackers aim to see a handful of the most popular ones, which allows us to get a taste of the cultural and religious significance of these buildings. At the start of our Ultimate 10 day trip we have a Bangkok City Tour and we take you to two of the most awesome temples, or Wats, in Bangkok. The culture of Thailand is what draws backpackers here in their droves and for me the city tour was certainly a highlight and allowed me to soak up as much culture as possible from a local and knowledgeable tour guide.  After all, I wasn’t in Thailand just to drink buckets in Phi Phi or sunbathe in paradise…honestly. A Wat refers to a place of worship in Thailand and we show you Wat Arun and Wat Pho. Wat Arun is known as the ‘Temple of Dawn’ and provides unrivaled views of the city. Climbing up the almost vertical steps is fairly easy going but it’s the getting down again that can prove a bit of a challenge. Certainly not for the faint-hearted. Wat Pho is the temple of the reclining Buddha, which features the largest Buddha in Thailand at over 150 ft long, covered in impressive gold leaf. This place really is a must see. Pictures of these temples do not do them justice; they really need to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. How many Bangkok temples can you tick off the list?? We’ll see you in Bangkok!