Whether you’re planning a gap year between studying, a career break or just an extended holiday away, there’s no doubt that your travel experiences will boost your career opportunities. Travel broadens the mind, and gives you a whole load of good personality traits that employers look for when hiring. Read on to hear some of the many valuable lessons you can learn from travelling:

1. Social and Communication Skills

Travelling is a great way to become more social and improve your ‘people skills.’ If you’re usually the one avoiding social interactions, especially with strangers, travelling will probably change that! Most people you meet whilst travelling will have similar interests to you (or at least one common interest: travel) and will be happy to chat and get to know you. You may also bump into people along the way that you don’t really ‘click’ with. Hopefully you won’t have to spend that much time with these people (you’re travelling, be freeeeee!) but if you are stuck with someone you don’t really like, you’ll soon figure out ways to make it work and how to communicate your feelings with them. You can use these skills to your advantage at work when meeting new people, interacting with your work buddies and expressing your ideas and opinions to other colleagues.

2. Planning/Organisation

Travelling takes planning and unless you’re one of those ‘Into the wild’ type of travellers who plan for nothing, just goes with the flow and grows a crazy beard, chances are you’ll be working on your organisational skills every day when travelling! You’ll be booking flights, hostels, trips and tours and looking after important documents along the way! Travelling also helps you deal with and gain perspective on unplanned events such as flight delays and finding somewhere to sleep at the last minute so not only will you work on your organisational skills, you’ll also learn to deal with any  unplanned situations without panicking and stressing out!

3. Patience

Ever had to wait 10 hours in an airport because your flight was delayed? Or take the overnight train in Thailand? Travelling takes patience which you can then put into practise in your job. What you want in your career might not happen straight away. You may have to wait for that moment to prove yourself or get a promotion so sit tight, be patient and enjoy the journey!

4. Flexibility/Adapt to change

Plans change all the time when you’re travelling so you’ll be thrown into situations where you have to think on your feet and create a new solution. The ability to be flexible and easily adapt to change is important in any career. Your employer will want to know that you can handle being in sometimes difficult situations and ‘go’ with changes within the company. If you can not only adapt to all situations thrown at you at work but also thrive on the challenge,  you’ll be a winner in your employers eyes!

5. Teamwork

Working well in a team is, in most jobs, one of the most important qualities employers look for when hiring. You might fit the bill in all other aspects but if you can’t work with others, bounce off your colleagues ideas and share your opinions within a team there’s no room for creativity and to grow in your work position. Sure, some people work better solo but in every job there will still be an element of teamwork needed to do the job properly. When you’re travelling you’ll usually be surrounded by other people so working in a team will crop up every now and then. It might be something simple like working with your fellow travellers to dig your 4WD out of the sand on Fraser Island or deciding in a group where you’d like to travel next (ahh- it’s a tough life isn’t it!?) but teamwork it is all the same!

6. Self Belief

Believing in yourself can put you at the top of your game in the working world. If you believe in yourself, others will too, so at work if you’re confident in your ability to do the job in hand well, your boss will believe in you and will pass on new projects and challenges to help you learn more and grow within the company. Self belief usually goes hand in hand with gaining confidence in dealing with any challenges you’ve been faced with. The more challenges you overcome during your travels, the more you’ll believe in your ability to handle them and anything else thrown your way!

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If you’re heading to Bangkok and you’ve done a bit of research, it is likely you will have heard of tuk tuks being a very popular way of getting around in Thailand. When it comes to getting somewhere quickly, tuk tuks are very good as they can weave in and out of traffic. If you have a lot of luggage though, there’s not going to be much room left for you and your friends. Make sure you’re ready to bargain with the driver before you get in and start your journey … they will almost always quote a price that is over the going rate so if you know roughly how much it would be in a taxi, you will be able to get a fairer price.

If a tuk tuk doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are plenty of other ways to travel, ways that are tried and tested by the locals.


This is the cheapest and easiest way to get around any Thai city. You can hire a scooter for about $5 a day and you can then go anywhere you want, at any time! If you don’t feel particularly confident driving a scooter, especially where there is heavy traffic, you can get a scooter taxi. You can spot these a mile off – the drivers usually wear brightly coloured vests to distinguish themselves.


What’s one of them when it’s at home?? Simply put, it’s like a covered pickup truck with benches inside for passengers to sit on. They can be found in a lot of the urban and beach areas and there are no official stops for them, they can just be flagged from the side of the road. Trying to figure out where they are going can be a bit confusing! If unsure, it is best to ask the driver so you don’t end up in the opposite direction to where you want to go. When you want to get off, just press the buzzer to let the driver know, then go round to the driver’s window to pay. With the songthaews, you pay a fixed fee depending on how far you have travelled.


If you have a lot of luggage with you, a taxi may be the way forward. Ask the driver to run the meter for your journey, you will probably end up paying less than you would in a tuk tuk and there is no need for awkward haggling.

When you get in to your taxi, try to make a note of the cab number, the colour and the name of the taxi company. That way, if you were to lose anything or forget anything when you get out, you will have a better chance of tracing it again. If this does happen, there is a taxi call centre you can call on 1644.

Be prepared to embrace slow and inconsistent journeys

You need to look at the transport system in Thailand as an adventure! It is difficult to find transport timetables online and even harder to book seats before you travel. You will quickly find that trains and buses are often late, slow and overcrowded, meaning that standing toe to toe with your fellow travellers in the aisles will be a frequent thing! (A good way to make new friends?) You may know never the easiest way to get somewhere, or when you will actually arrive, but once you stop worrying about all this, you’ll realise just how much fun the craziness of the transport system is!

One last tip …

If you make an effort to communicate with your drivers, you will notice a difference in how you are treated by them. It is not hard to learn a bit of basic Thai, it is a sign of respect and will be greatly appreciated by the locals! (Learn a few of the basics here!)

By showing that you have made the effort to at least try and learn some basic phrases, you may find that this encourages your driver to take the shorter route versus the longer one, or to give you a cheaper price. It will get you more help at bus and train stations and helpful advice from any passersby that you may stop along the way. Plus, you’ll feel great being able to speak to these wonderful people and it is them who make Thailand amazing!