Earlier this year, 750 people made history in Sydney by taking their clothes off and taking a swim in the ocean. Why, you might ask, did this mass skinny dip occur? And why was it a big deal? Well, let us tell you!

Sunday 17th February 2013 saw the launch of Skinny Sydney, the first nude ocean swim in the world! And our Sydneysiders are gearing up to strip off and do it all over again on Sunday 23rd February 2014. Now, before you start adding it to your diary so you can head down and have a good old perv … that’s not (just) what this is about! (Tut tut! Shame on you!)

The event is held as an opportunity to have fun whilst raising awareness of a rejuvenation project taking place across Sydney Harbour National Park. The funds raised from this ticketed event go towards the conservation work that is happening in the Park so that we can all continue to enjoy the coastal walkway that surrounds the Middle Head area, an area that offers some of the most amazing views in the city. This year, the event was a huge success, raising over $10,000 for the cause! And Skinny Sydney, along with their partners, Nudie, want to emulate that success for 2014.

For the second event, there will be two distances available to swim. The Nudie Novice, a 300m swim within the bay, and the Sydney Skinny, a 900m swim. You don’t have to complete it in a specific time and you can take any flippers or floatation aid devices that you wish to take. There will also be a separate festival area which will have food and complementary refreshments available for all.

2013 didn’t just raise a lot of money, it gave those that took part a sense of pride and an opportunity to reconnect with their sense of adventure! There were many who used The Sydney Skinny to ditch their body image worries and celebrate their courage and kindness. As if all this and raising money for a great cause isn’t reason enough, the Skinny Sydney swimmers get the chance to be part of an event like no other in the world. Nigel Marsh, who created the event is quoted as saying;

“I believe that life expands or contracts in direct proportion to your courage. In modern life we are used to monitoring our health, our finances and our relationships. Yet it should be equally important to monitor our sense of adventure. If doing an all ticketed, no spectator, skinny dip in a secluded national park – where everyone gets a sarong before they get out of the water – is outside your sense of adventure, it does tend to raise the all-important question what on earth is in it?”

If you want to take part (Go on! Get your kit off!) you need to be at the following place, at the following time:

Where → Cobblers Beach, Middle Head, Sydney Harbour National Park, Australia
When → Sunday 23rd February 2014 between 8am and 3pm.
Age → The event is for ages 18 and over.
Cost → $35 for swimmers

To book, or to read more about why you should get involved in such a fun and worthwhile event, check out the Sydney Skinny Website. If you do get involved, let us know all about your Skinny Sydney experience on our Facebook Page.

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