Here at Ultimate Travel, we’re thinking about the New Year and what new things we want to experience and new places we want to visit in 2015. We’re all super excited for our new Ultimate Vietnam tour that launches in just a couple of weeks!! (You can check out what’s involved here!) We also have a few new exciting things in the pipeline for later this year (watch this space!)

There’s no doubt about it … it’s all about travel for us here and between us, we have some big trips planned! Which got us thinking … what destinations are on your bucket list for the year? Where do you want to go and what do you really want to do while you’re there?

For two of our Ultimate Alumni, Josh Everitt and Henning Fredriksen, Thailand was on last year’s travel bucket list and when they joined us on our Ultimate Thailand tour, they filmed some great memories which they put together for all to see:

Maybe after seeing that, Thailand will be on your 2015 Travel Bucket List?? Why not get in touch and make that dream a reality!