Tour Leader Sarah at BaseCampHey Guys,

I’m Sarah, one of the UltimateOz tour leaders!

For anyone looking to come out to Australia to travel and work, UltimateOz is definitely one hell of an awesome way to get you started! Every now and then, someone writes a blog post about their week with us or even makes an amazing video montage. However, have you ever wondered what’s it’s like on the other side? The tour leaders view?

Having worked as a group tour leader with UltimateOz for a while now, I get people saying to me every week “man, you have the best job!!” or “doesn’t your job get boring doing the same thing every single week?”

Well, hopefully this will give you a bit of an insight into our world. The UltimateOz tour leader world. So here it is…

A Week in the Life of an UltimateOz Tour Leader.

At the moment, while it’s Summer, we have two groups a week that start with us. There are six of us who lead the groups so three of us start with the Monday group and the other three start with the Thursday group.

I always find the first day the most nerve racking. Until we meet the groups, everyone is just a name on a list and we have no idea what anyone is like. It’s like being given a box of chocolates without the card to tell you what’s what.

After we pick the group up from Wake Up hostel, we bring everyone over to the UltimateOz HQ to go through the itineraries for the week before we head out on the City walk. By this point, we’re already starting to see who the jokers of the week are!

Party Night with UltimateOz!Usually by the welcome drinks in Side bar on the first night you can start to see some good friendships forming. Quite a few people usually find each other online before they get here using our ‘Meet your group’ service, so a lot of people will have already spoken a lot online or even met up back home before they come out here. In every group there’s always a few shy or nervous people who take a little longer to relax and get speaking to people. I totally relate to these guys!! I mean, you’re in a brand new country, on your own, and you’re thrown into a large group of people from all over the world!! I’ve been there myself, and it IS terrifying!! This is where we step in. As group leaders we want everyone to have a good time and not worry about anything. Sometimes people just need a little longer to feel at ease but normally after a few conversations people are happy to open up and get chatting to the rest of the group.

The welcome drinks can go one of two ways…

1- Everyone is tired from the long flight, or aren’t interested in partying so head to bed around 10 – 11 pm. Job done, we go home and get an early night.
2- Everyone is tired from the long flight but are way too excited about their first big night out in Sydney so go absolutely crazy and start ordering in the Jagerbombs. Job done, everyone’s having an awesome night and we party on with them till the early hours!

UltimateOz does Rockfish

Depending on which way the night went, the next morning we find that people are either fresh for the Harbour cruise, or hungover!! I really think that the Harbour cruise is one of my favourite parts of the week. As far as jobs go, taking people on a boat around Sydney harbour, cooking a barbecue off the back of the boat and taking pictures of people and jumping off the top of the boat to have a swim is one hell of an amazing job to be doing! Seeing people having an amazing time on the harbour with new friends after arriving in the country only a few days ago is such a good feeling! I do get slightly sea sick in rough water though … usually I’m fine because we’re in the harbour and it’s pretty calm until I have to go and do the washing up in the kitchen underneath the deck.. The windows down there are at sea level so any slight movement feels like the whole boat is rocking. I’ve learnt to become a master at speed dish washing!


So, Day 3, in this case Wednesday means only one thing…. BASECAMP!!!!

Basecamp is by far the best part of the week! For both me and the group! For them it means sandboarding, seeing an amazing view from Tomaree head national park and going on a dolphin cruise, and for me it means getting to do all these awesome things on a weekly basis!!!

UltimateOz group at BaseCampWhen we get to our accommodation at Basecamp it feels like home!! I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of being at here, cuddling Josie (the resident and adorable kangaroo) and relaxing in the Aussie bush!  I love seeing peoples faces when they first get here – it’s hard to explain but it’s just got such a great feeling about it and for most people it’s the first time they’ve seen the Aussie bush. It makes such a difference to the hustle and bustle of Sydney (however much we love it!) One of the things I love most about Basecamp is how everyone gets chatting to each other! Until this point in the week people will have made one or two friends in the group.. but at Basecamp, these friend circles expand massively!! I love seeing the quietest person in the group really come out of their shell and make a good bunch of friends.

As I mentioned, Basecamp is the most exciting, activity filled part of the week! For us, the group leaders, it can get quite tiring as it’s pretty much non stop, but the fun makes up for it 100%!  On a night, we get the groups playing games, have some food and those who want to, have a few drinks. We take everyone down to the beach and set up a fire for a beach party! You can’t beat dancing on the beach to good tunes with new mates! The sky is so clear at Basecamp and the stars are incredible! As a tour leader it’s my responsibility to look after people and make sure that everyone is safe and having a good time. It’s completely understandable that some people get a little too excited, maybe drink a little too much and say: “Let’s go for a midnight swim in the ocean!!!!” That’s why I’m there- so that people can have fun but they’re not alone in a foreign country without anyone to keep an eye on them and above all they’re safe!

These nights are usually so much fun that nobody wants to sleep.. try getting to bed at 4am and getting up the next morning at 8am to wake everyone up! I think I’ve learnt to survive on 4 hours sleep per night by now! Don’t get me wrong, it can be tiring, but as I’ve said before, the fun makes up for it! It’s not like I have to go and sit in an office for 8 hours…we’re about to go sandboarding! Who can’t get excited about that- however tired or hungover you are!?

Sandboarding at BaseCamp

The last day at Basecamp is the dolphin cruise. I’m pretty sure my friends back home in England are starting to hate me, as every single dolphin cruise I’ve been on for the past month I’ve sent them all a snapchat of the amazing weather, the beautiful views and, of course, some dolphins swimming past with the caption reading “Working hard again!” It’s on days like these where I really have to pinch myself and remind myself just how lucky I am to have such an amazing job!!

After the bus trip back to Sydney (usually spent catching up on an hours sleep) I normally chill out and relax on the couch in front of the TV and have an early night – Running on a total of 7 hours sleep in 2 days really catches up with you so it’s time to recuperate!

Saturday is spent taking the group on the Coogee to Bondi beach walk. Getting the group together and on the same bus can take a bit of extra organisation but once we arrive in Coogee ready to start the 6km walk and people have had time to grab some brekkie, everyone is in good spirits!  All we need to do is take a nice leisurely walk along the coast stopping at some amazing view points. The coast is gorgeous and visiting 5 beautiful beaches along the way makes me feel so lucky to be here! Again, sometimes I find it hard to believe that I’m actually getting paid to do something which most people look forward to doing on their days off!

Party Night with UltimateOz!In the evening, it’s the party night, the bar crawl!! It’s so much fun and even though I don’t have to go for ‘work’, I still go every week! It’s the perfect opportunity to have fun with the group. I love the end of the week when people who, at the start of the week were nervous to talk to people, have now made a great bunch of friends who they’re partying with and making plans with for the rest of their time here.


UltimateOz at BaseCampI always think that if everyone in my group leaves the week having had a great time, with at least one or two good friends, then I’ve done my job right. I tend to keep in touch with people I’ve met in the groups too- they’re part of the Ultimate family now and meeting new people is one of the best things about the job!

So yeah, that pretty much sums up a week in the life a group leader for UltimateOz.

“If you do a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life!”

Here at Ultimate Travel, we love seeing our customers’ awesome travel pics and we love giving away travel prizes so, last month, we decided to run an awesome competition!

The competition involved asking our lovely customers to send us photos of their ‘Ultimate moment’ during their travels in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and South East Asia. All our customers had to do was post their fave travel pic to Instagram with the hashtag #myultimatemoment. After a month of getting some great #myultimatemoment travel photos, we had the tough job of picking our favourite. We finally came to a decision and the lovely @sar_rawrrr won a FREE skydive to do in any Australia Skydive location along the East coast of Australia – AWESOME!

All this got us thinking about our own ultimate moments. Here are just a few of the Ultimate staff’s favourite #myultimatemoment pics from this year so far!


Ultimate Travel crew, Karin’s Ultimate moment was spent in Hanoi, Vietnam. A bustling city with friendly locals, awesome street food, great coffee and millions of motorbikes! Visit Hanoi as part of the 13 day Ultimate Vietnam Adventure. Find out more about Ultimate Vietnam today!


Ultimate Travel crew, Becca caught this beautiful sunset in Magnetic Island whilst taking an East coast  Australia road trip with a group of friends! She travelled for 30 days from Sydney to Cairns stopping at all of the amazing East Coast locations along the way! Check out our 30 day UltimateOz East Coast package and talk to us about how we can help you customize it!

Dan Sydney Harbour

Ultimate Travel crew, Dan’s Ultimate moment was cruising the beautiful Sydney Harbour on a Catamaran and swimming in the harbour with fellow backpackers. The UltimateOz  7 day Sydney package includes a day out on the stunning harbour- jump aboard for a day of swimming, aussie BBQ lunch, music and fun in the sun!

Max Uluru

Ultimate Travel crew, Max travelled to the Red Centre of Australia and got this awesome shot of Uluru at sunrise. His 3 day trip of the Red Centre involved visiting Kings Canyon, the Olgas and the famous Ayers Rock (Uluru.) In true Aussie outback tradition he slept under the stars in a swag – his Ultimate moment! Find out more about Max’s trip  … You can have the Ultimate Uluru experience too – just get in touch for more information!


Ultimate Travel crew Dan spent a few nights chilling  in a floating bungalow in Khao Sok National park in Thailand. His Ultimate moment was waking up to the sound of monkeys in the trees and spending his days swimming in the crystal clear waters! Find out more about our 10 day Ultimate Thailand Adventure, which includes an overnight stay in the stunning Khao Sok National park.


Check out Dirk, one of our Ultimate Travel crew, jumping through a ‘ring of fire’ in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand. Numerous bars on the island offer fire shows as part of their entertainment which includes locals juggling flamed torches and the legendary ‘ring of fire’ and encourage travellers to get involved! Do all this and more on the Ultimate Thailand tour!


Holly, another of our Ultimate Travel lovelies, travelled to the Northern Territory for a 3 day tour of Kakadu and Litchfield National park. Her Ultimate moment was climbing to the top of  Gunlom Falls and looking out at the breathtaking view over Kakadu National Park and you can find out how the rest of her trip went here! Is Kakadu on your bucket list? We’ll help you tick it off your list!


Charly, Ultimate travel crew travelled to the UltimateOz basecamp and met the resident Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Josie! Her Ultimate moment chilling out in the sun with Josie! You can meet Josie the kangaroo too!! Basecamp is a favourite amongst everyone who does the UltimateOz package – will it be your favourite too?

Check out all of the #myultimatemoment entries on Instagram and remember to follow us on Facebook for more Ultimate giveaways and competitions.