Hi Guys! It’s always nice, when going to a new country, to be able to communicate with the locals in their mother tongue. Though learning a foreign language is no easy task, it is a huge sign of respect and will be very well received if you can say at least a few simple phrases and be seen to be making an effort. With that in mind, Ultimate Thailand has come up with a list of phrases you may find helpful when on your travels. Learn to speak Thai and enhance your experience in this wonderful country!

Sawatdee Hello
Sabai deer u How are you?
Pood Thai mai dai I cannot speak Thai
Mai kow jai I do not understand
Nee tao rai? How much?
Lot noi dai mai? Can you give a little discount?
Sanaam Bin Airport
Khob Khun Thankyou
Nit noi Small/a little bit/not much
Yai Large
Ron Hot
Nao Cold
Naam Keng Ice
Naam Water


And the most important! …

Bia Beer


As with a lot of languages, it can change slightly depending on whether the speaker is male or female … to make what you are saying more polite, add krub/khrup to the end of your sentence if you are male, and kah/kaa if you are female.

So ladies, when saying ‘thank you’, to be polite, you would say ‘Khob khun kaa’ and guys, you would say, ‘Khob khun krup’.

Now you have the basics, be sure to practice your Thai with the people you come across on your travels in Thailand. Chok Dee!! (Good Luck!!)

Gayle x