The famous Full Moon Party takes place every month (normally the night before the actual full moon) on Haad Rin beach in Koh Phangan, Thailand It’s safe to say that it’s one of the biggest beach raves in the world with between 10,000 and 30,000 people attending every month so it’s not surprising that it can get a little bit mental! The Full Moon Party could either be the best night of your life or one you’d rather forget! Have a read through our ‘what not to do’s’  to ensure your Full Moon Party is a night to remember…for all the right reasons!

Turn up with no plans

Dragging your backpack up & down the beach the day before the full moon party looking for accommodation will definitely be the highlight of your trip. If it’s a hot humid day, it’ll be even more memorable!

On a serious note: Be prepared. Pre book your accommodation on the island in advance as everywhere WILL be fully booked by the time the Full Moon Party comes around. I’d recommend getting there at least 1 week before the party kicks off to make sure you’ve got somewhere to stay! If you’re doing Ultimate Thailand, your nights in Koh Phangan will be pre-booked and any extra nights can be booked through us in advance so you can kick back and enjoy the party!! Some people prefer to stay on Koh Samui and take a boat over to Haad Rin for the party. If you want to do this, just make sure you organise a good boat to take you over & back to Koh Samui after the party. Some illegal boats operate in the area & they’re not safe.

Who needs money anyway?

Take all of your most valuable belongings out with you. Stuff all of your money and your passport in your bra or pants & shove your phone, camera, keys & other valuables in your pockets. It’s not like you’ll be dancing all night so losing your stuff isn’t likely and there are lots of friendly locals who love spending their time reuniting people with their lost/stolen belongings.

On a serious note: Don’t take anything to the full moon party that you don’t mind losing. There will be thieves floating about just waiting for the right opportunity to nab your phone/camera/money and things left on you & in your pockets can easily get lost in the sand. I’d recommend taking enough cash to last you for the night and if you want to, your camera. Lanyards are a great way of carrying your camera around so you won’t lose it! Leave your belongings where you’re staying, preferably in a padlocked bag. If your hostel has a safe, use it or leave your passport & key behind reception. Just grab a receipt from reception so you’ve got proof you left it there. Having a copy of your passport saved on a USB is also a good idea.

Get f****d up!

Getting tricked by undercover Thai police selling you drugs is always fun. Spending 6 months in a Thai prison looks like a laugh too!

On a serious note: Don’t take drugs in Thailand…just don’t. Drugs are illegal and if you’re caught you could be spending your gap year or longer in a prison cell. There are plenty of others ways to enjoy yourself at the Full Moon party!

Wear black & grey

Who can be bothered to get dressed up for the biggest beach rave in the world? Wear black, a thick comfy jumper and blend in with the crowd.

On a serious note: It’s cheaper to buy your own face paints from a local shop than paying to get it painted at the Full Moon Party. You’ll also be able to pick up some Full Moon fluro gear from pretty much every shop in Koh Phangan!

Go skinny dipping at night

Swimming in the ocean at night is fun…you’re on holiday right!? Thinking of going for a dip…well why the devil not?! The water is clean, warm and will seem even more fun after a few drinks!

On a serious note: It’s not a good idea to go for a dip at the Full Moon Party. Not only do people use the ocean to ‘ahem’ relieve themselves instead of queuing for the loo and for a bit of late night hanky panky, but swimming in the dark when you’re pissed on buckets is dangerous and a little bit silly, especially if you’re alone. Save your skinny dips for another night.

Go with the flow

Backpacking is all about going with the flow and not preparing for anything. The best thing to do when planning your trip to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party is to not plan anything! Don’t worry about finding out where the nearest medical centres are – there will be someone there to help you if you need it at the time!

On a serious note: Be prepared. Find out where the nearest medical centres are before you start to party as you never know what could happen. Most likely, you’ll have a great night and nothing will go wrong but just in case, it’s good to know where you can find help if you or someone you know needs it. Bear in mind that not all of the police you see will have your best interests at heart but tourist police (wearing white bibs) are there to help and point you in the right direction so keep an eye out for them too! It’s also a good idea to keep some change handy for toilet breaks – approx. 15 baht in most bars. If you’re travelling with mates, try to stick together. When you’re walking through a crowd, keep a hand in the air and have a hand signal ready so your mates know where you are & can follow you. It might seem a bit intense but if you lose them you’ll struggle to find them again without your trusty signal! 😉

Go mad on the buckets!

The buckets of alcohol sold at the Full Moon Party are such a rip off. They’ve barely got any alcohol in so you’ll need to buy quite a few to get you in the mood!

On a serious note: Alcohol buckets are strong! They contain a bottle of liquor that has an alcohol content of between 60-95% so not your average Smirnoff vodka or JD! Also, Thailand has it’s very own version of Red Bull (M-150) which will keep you dancing for hours. Mixed together it can be a bit of a lethal concoction so enjoy the buckets but share them with your mates (you won’t need a lot!) and take it easy. Start on the beers (or waters!!) and wait until midnight to start drinking buckets. That way you might actually make the sunrise!

Hell no H2O!

Drinking water at the Full Moon Party? But, I’m a hardcore raver and it’s all about the buckets tonight! Also, aren’t hangovers great?!

On a serious note: Without sounding like a concerned mum, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the night. You’ll be partying for 12 hours straight in the heat, and you’ll enjoy the night more if you can remember it…not to mention your hangover won’t be as bad the next win!

Check out our Infographic for more info on the Full Moon Party:

Thailand Full Moon Party Infographic

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