Hey everyone!

Calling all those leaving Australia for vacation! Skyscanner have recently evaluated airfare data for flights that leave Australia to answer those age old questions of when the cheapest time to fly is and how soon you should be booking your flights to get the best prices.

What is their conclusion?

Well, it goes without saying that depending on where you want to go will impact how soon you should book your tickets. If you are heading across to Singapore, if you want to save around 15% on your airfare, you need to plan ahead … about 14 weeks in advance is the best time to book flights.

If you want to go to New Zealand or Indonesia and save the same amount, booking 6 weeks in advance should do the trick. The UK however, Skyscanner concluded that if you are prepared to take risks, it could pay off. Save up to 11% if you are willing to wait until about a week before. Just how much of a risk taker are you??

As far as when the best time to travel is for the cheaper fares, it comes as no surprise that December is at the bottom of that list! It is by far the most expensive month to travel. The cheapest time to go jet setting would be May. In particular, Skyscanner specify 28th April to 4th May as the cheapest week of the year to be flying off into the sunset. The average saving for this period is almost 20%!

There’s a lot to think about here and a lot of guess work involved! So how can you plan for price hikes and dives? Be smart about when you book. Pick the more uncommon hours of the day to travel and if you can, travel during the week rather than at weekends. Try and be as flexible as possible with your dates.

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