Hi Everyone!

It’s Gayle at Ultimate Thailand. We wanted to post an update for you all regarding the current situation in Thailand. This week, a state of emergency was declared in Thailand, following recent periods of civil unrest and protests in Bangkok. We know that all of the stories being reported in the media regarding the situation in Thailand sound worrying, especially if you are unsure what it all means.

By imposing a state of emergency, the government has basically enforced curfews which will prohibit political congregations and protests in Bangkok, and some surrounding areas.

This won’t affect your Ultimate Thailand tour. Our trips are still running as usual, and our team in Bangkok on top of the situation. Our tour does not operate in any of the affected areas, so we’re far away from any protests.  It is possible that we may see the odd delay when travelling to and from the airport, but at this stage, our itinerary has not been affected at all. Should the situation begin affecting areas that we visit as part of the Ultimate Thailand tour, we would amend our itinerary accordingly.

The safety of our groups and our staff is our absolute number one priority. We take your safety very seriously. We are constantly monitoring the situation and rest assured that if there was any threat of danger to any of our groups, we would not run our tour.

At present, we at Ultimate Thailand do not believe this is necessary. Our trips continue to go ahead as planned and we will continue to show this beautiful country to all who wish to revel in the wonders that Thailand has to offer.

Please, if you have any concerns, do get in touch! As always, our team are here to answer any questions that you may have.

We look forward to seeing you soon in Bangkok.

xx Gayle