Sydney has celebrated some awesome public artwork over the last couple of weeks with Art and About, it’s your last weekend to check it out so get out there and see what it’s all about!

Art and About is yearly festival of crazy art in crazy places. Every public space you can think of becomes open to artistic expression. Whether it is above a building or down an alleyway, on the side of a fountain or in a car park – Sydney is taken over by amazing artwork.

Melbourne normally gets all of the artistic praise when it comes to Australia but Sydney has been buzzing with visitors over the last two weeks wanting to  get a glimpse at some amazing art.

Take a walk down Pitt Street and look up. You’ll see some mammoth graffiti that’ll make for an awesome Instagram. The work – called Here, Now by artist Numskull – is in an amazing location on the corner of Park and Pitt Street and with the surrounding buildings, makes for an impressive sight.

While you’re down there, take a wander through Hyde Park as the cities green space has been taken over by photographers, dancers and shopping trolleys….yes, shopping trolleys!

Trolleys by Shaun Parker & Company is an amazing choreographed routine which is part ballet, part spectacle and part trolley! Dancers take over five shopping trolleys and do some moves you’re going to want to try next time you’re in Coles or Woolies. This is definitely not to be missed just for the wow factor.

Hyde Park also features a couple of photography exhibitions that give you a glimpse at the diversity of Australian life. the park is also home to Neon Nomads – a bunch of neon tepees that flash different images and movies across them. It might sound a bit weird (frankly, it is a bit weird) but it’s pretty cool to check out at night.

The Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park (which you’ll remember from your UltimateOz walking tour!) is home to another strange display of public art called Bodies in Urban Spaces. basically, performers lie, crouch, and squeeze into awkward little places around the fountain and lie there…and stay there…and that’s about it!

Apparently this plays with our perceptions of space and it is pretty crazy to see how brightly coloured people fit into tiny spaces and it does make for a great photo!

The future is here too – you can see a demonstration of 3D printing at the Library of New South Wales and see what the future holds for all of us (hint: 3D printers are going to be big).

Whether you are walking along George Street looking at the banner gallery attached to each lamp post or you take the time out to visit some of the other exhibits, Art and About gives you an idea of what an amazing city Sydney is.

There is no better way to experience the best city in Australia than with an UltimateOz tour. If you’re heading to Australia or are already here – get in touch and we’ll set you up with the best trip of your life!