Travelling Cheaply

So you’ve been travelling around for a while now and want to make your trip last as long as possible, but need to make your funds stretch a bit further? Thailand is a great destination if you want to live on the cheap. We have picked up some tips on our travels to help you get by on as little as possible. The average Thai lives on less than $250 AUD per month, that’s just under $9 per day! And how do they do it? Read on, and you’ll learn how to save money in Thailand …

  1. Live like a local: Eat delicious local Thai food wherever you go. Save the overpriced western food for when you are back home and enjoy tasting some Thai delicacies on your travels. The street food is awesome in Thailand, and costs a fraction of the price of a meal in a restaurant. You can get an amazing Pad Thai on the streets of Bangkok for only 30 baht, which is less than $1.
  2. Travel like a local: Taxis and tuk tuks aren’t particularly expensive in Thailand, but to save a bit more cash and experience true Thai life, take the bus! There are 2 to chose from, the air conditioned or the non, otherwise called the ‘hot’ bus, and some of them are free! If you do decide to take a taxi, make sure you ask the driver to run the meter, rather than agree the price upfront. You’re bound to get a cheaper fare that way.
  3. Speak like a local: Speak as much Thai as you can. The Thais really appreciate when westerners make the effort and you will get a better price and a friendlier service if you can show you are willing to adopt local practices. Pick up a few handy phrases here.
  4. Haggle at the markets: Never settle for the first price you are given at the markets. With a little clever haggling you can save a huge amount on your purchases. Take a look at our haggling tips here.


By following these simple guidelines, you’ll have way more money for the fun stuff!