Australia Day in Melbourne

Don’t Be a Drongo … Protect Yourself Down Under!

If you’re one of the many Working Holiday Makers around the world that had decided to hit the road and take a backpacking holiday to Oz – the country that gave us Ugg boots, Neighbours and Wolverine’s sideburns – it’s important to make sure you stay protected whilst trekking across the outback.

The words ‘travel insurance’ don’t always inspire enthusiasm in the best of us, especially when we’re buzzing to just get out there and soak up the atmosphere. Fingers crossed you never need it but it is one of the most important things you can pack in that essentials-laden bag.

Travel Insurance

You don’t have to know much about Australia to know about its weird and wonderful wildlife. The Outback alone is packed with enough varieties of deadly snakes, snap-happy saltwater crocodiles and really hairy spiders to scare anyone back into the big city, but it’s still worth a visit. Taking precautions and making sure the distinctively red sand under your feet is clear before you walk is all well and good, but what happens if you are bitten or stung by one of these Aussie beasts? If you fall ill abroad, there’s not always someone you know to be there, hold your hand and help you out. That’s where travel insurance comes in to help assist and advise you when you need it most, as well as covering some of the things you won’t always think of.

With so many options around, choosing a suitable insurance policy can be as tricky as learning to play the didgeridoo, so it’s vital to know what you need to look for. Check out our recommended insurance providers here and get in touch for a quote!

Why do I need travel insurance for Australia?

If you didn’t have holiday insurance, you could get in to a spot of bother whilst abroad. Australia comes with the same risks as the UK or any other country – with the chances of you falling ill, becoming injured, losing or having your things stolen or damaged still being as likely as taking to London with a backpack. Travel insurance makes sure you can replace or fix your possessions without having to delve into a huge portion of your budget, ensuring you can still afford that classic Australian barbeque food (the ‘barbequed snag’ is particularly good!)

People have made some incredible life-long memories over here! Surfing the world-class waves and embracing surfer culture at Bondi beach, or kayaking through Sydney Harbour – even seeing the Sydney Opera House lit up against a starry sky is a story to bring home in itself. The Great Barrier Reef in rainforest-covered Queensland is practically on your doorstep, full of incredibly vibrant wildlife and coral; and everyone has the breathtakingly iconic island mountain of Uluru on the top of their bucket lists, so your backpacking adventure or working holiday is bound to be a great experience. Make sure you remember it for the right reasons!

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