If you’re coming to Thailand with the hope of new experiences then I’ve got just the thing for you taking place in November. In a little town called Lopburi, just under 4 hours away from Bangkok, you can witness a particularly special feast. Eat before you come however, as unfortunately this feast isn’t for you but for our simian relatives!

Thais believe that treating monkeys with kindness will bring them good luck, so one local hotel owner treats his monkey pals to a huge banquet each year. Tourists delight as they watch these delightful creatures monkeying around as they literally dive head first into a three course meal. There’s no use telling them not to play with their food though, as the meal soon becomes a huge food fight while the monkeys fill their boots.

If you don’t get the chance to travel up to Lopburi to see the feast but want to get up close and personal with some monkeys, as part of the 10 day Ultimate Thailand trip, we take you to monkey temple, where you can hand feel baby monkeys yourself! These cheeky little creatures will climb all over you and take nuts right from your hands. Don’t forget your camera!

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