Australia is big! Which means we can fill it with big things!  We have the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, the Big Apple in Batlow, and the Big Mango in Bowen. That’s just a few of the more recognisable ones … there’s loads more of these objects, affectionately referred to as Australia’s Big Things, that you may or may not see on your travels around Australia. We picked a few, keep an eye out for:

The Big Boxing Crocodile – Humpty Doo, Northern Territory.

If you go and see this for one reason and one reason only, it should be because it’s found in Humpty Doo and who doesn’t want to say they’ve been there?!  The Big Boxing Crocodile is an ode to the huge crocodile population in that area.


* Caution – if you see an actual crocodile with boxing gloves, don’t be sticking around for too long!

The Big Poo – Kiama, New South Wales

Why on Earth would anyone build a big poo and put it at the entrance of their town, you ask? Well, this is not Australians being a bit strange, it does serve a purpose – it was built in protest against proposals put forward by Sydney Water to not reuse waste water in that area. It’s made of foam, meaning it quite literally is a floater! Nice!

The Big Wave – Phillip Island, Victoria

If you’ve tried your hand at surfing and didn’t quite get to the ‘big wave’ stage, the peeps on Phillip Island have got your back! Step inside this “Big” icon and you get an idea of what it feel likes to be ‘barrelled’, ‘tubed’ or to ‘hang ten’. Surf like the pros without getting wet!

The Big Wave

The Big Scotsman – Medindie, South Australia

The Big Scotsman is the oldest of the big things in Australia, nicknamed Scotty and was built to promote Scotty’s Motel in 1963. If you’ve been wondering what they wear under their kilt, head towards Adelaide’s most famous Scotsman and take a cheeky peek to find out!

The guy who was responsible for the first of Australia’s big things also created the Big Lobster, another favourite in South Australia.

The Big Golden Gumboot – Tully, Queensland

What do you get if you win the competition for being the wettest town in Far North Queensland? Well … a rubber boot!  The Big Golden Gumboot is 7.9m tall – the record rainfall for Tully in 1950. You can climb a spiral staircase inside and there are good views of the town at the top. So if you’re doing your skydive in Mission Beach, or your white water rafting on the Tully River, why not pop along and take a look. (Raincoats are advised, by the sounds of things!)

The Golden Gumboot

The Big Magic Mushroom – Balingup, Western Australia

Before you get excited, this has nothing to do with actual magic mushrooms … oh no, wait, it does! The township of Balingup acquired the reputation as an alternative lifestyle location, partly due to the easily obtained psilocybin – magic mushrooms.  For some time, there was an influx of people to travelling to the area seeking out their share of the available supply. The Big Magic Mushroom was erected as a celebration of the infamy brought upon the town. Don’t flock to Balingup seeking the mushroom (of any sort!) though … We’re not entirely sure this is still here – if anyone knows otherwise, please do let us know! There’s no denying that, whether still there or not, this ‘big thing’ is one of the most tongue in cheek of them all!

There are over 150 of these random oversized objects dotted across Australia and they are often used as an excuse for a road trip, or make a great photo opportunity. They’re something of a cult phenomenon, with many having been heritage-listed. Proof that not all good things come in small packages eh!