There’s no denying the East Coast trip will be one of the most amazing things you do!


But seeing all these incredible places comes at a (small) price … there are some mighty long journeys to conquer on the bus. They’re totally worth it of course, and the excitement of your next destination will keep you occupied for a few hours! But for the remaining eight, twelve or sixteen hours of your journey, we have a few tips to make travelling by the Greyhound, the Premier, or any other coach, a little bit more bearable:

  • A Travel Pillow – This will be your best friend … especially if you are travelling on a night bus!
  • A hoody or a jumper – the bus can get a bit nippy at times. If you’re travelling at night and don’t have a blanket, use a travel towel to wrap up with.
  • Entertainment – have a pack of cards, an ipod, a book … anything that will help pass some time.
  • Make friends with your neighbours. They’ll most likely be travellers like you – get to know them, swap travel stories, they could end up being your new best friend!
  • Take some food – it could be several hours in between stops and the journey will feel much, much longer if your tummy keeps rumbling!
  • When the bus does stop and you get the chance to step off, take it! Stretch your legs and get some air, the buses can be uncomfy and that five minutes of freedom can make all the difference.

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Give us a shout if you need help organising your East Coast trip – our fab travel team are on hand to help you with anything you need!