Hi Guys. I’m Devon, one of the Support Crew at Ultimate Thailand. On our Ultimate Thailand tour, the parties aren’t the only thing that’s wild! We  take you through urban, rainforest and beach areas, and encounter a wide range of native Thai animals in their natural habitat. These are 5 of our favourite Thai animals that are known to make a regular appearance on Ultimate Thailand…

Gibbons – Halfway between a monkey and an ape, Gibbons are tailless and walk upright on their two legs. Cool fact – they’re the fastest and most agile of all tree-dwelling, non-flying mammals. Unlike the more common Macaques, Gibbons are shy in nature and spend their time in high tree canopies. This means that in Thailand it is more likely that you will hear them then see them. Their signature call in the early morning can travel for kilometres, and can be heard in all the large national parks in Thailand. You’ll awake to the sounds of Gibbons in your floating bamboo rafthouse deep in the jungle of Khao Sok.

Hornbills – Not to be confused with South-American Toucans, Hornbills are large, long-lived birds that can be found in Thai rainforests. They’ve become significant in many cultures because of their impressive size and colouring. With a 1.5m length and wingspan, the Hornbill in flight is an amazing sight. On our tour we see Hornbills that live in Khao Sok National Park. They like to stay out of the sun so we’ll take you on a night boat safari to see them roosting in the trees alongside the lake.

Macaques – Macaques are the most common monkey found not only in Thailand, but across the globe. They are known for their intricate social structures and in tourist destinations their willingness to engage with humans. On our tour we will see and feed plenty of Macaques in various parts of our tour, particularly in Khao Sok.

Plankton – Plankton don’t sound exciting, but the beaches at Koh Phangan and Koh Phi Phi often glow at night because of these cool liitle phosphorescent micro-organisms. The bioluminescent reaction causes the water to glow around you when you swim or when waves crash on to the beach. Nothing will remind you more that you’re on holiday than seeing a beach light up like a scene from Avatar, or from the sexy scene in The Beach.

Dolphins – We love dolphins! The beaches around Phi Phi are a haven for wild dolphins, so if you’re lucky you might get to see these playful creatures swim alongside our longtail boat as we visit Maya Bay.

We’re all animal-lovers at Ultimate Thailand, so want to show you Thailand’s wildlife in their natural habitat, not chained up in a zoo or animal park. Read more about this here, and we’ll see you soon in Thailand!   : ) Devon